A simple but useful tool for performing user acceptance test (UAT).

It allows user to create project, add test items, invite testers and stakeholders to a project. Once a project is set, testers can update the test status and the result will be reflected to all project participants using the app.
Besides, if a critical test status (PASSED or FAILED) is set for a test item, all project personnels will be push-notified if push notifiction is turned on for the app. Moreover, the app can generate a brief project report in spreadsheet format and email to all owner, testers and stakeholders.
To start a UAT, just add a new project, fill in the basic information, such as project name, dates, priority, etc. Then Edit the project by adding test items into it. Invite testers and stakeholders to join the project using their email addresses. Tester requires to use the app for accepting the invitation. Stakeholder can choose whether using the app or just using the hyperlink in the email to accept the invitation.
All current test status will be shown in Project Details. Update of major test status will be recorded and update of critical status will also trigger push notification to all logged-in project personnels (if push notification is turned on). Project owner can also generate project report from Project Details. The report will be in spreadsheet format (.xlsx) and send to all project personnels thru email.
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